Oil & Gas Sector

Much of our world’s global economy depends on the oil and gas sector, and there is a constant demand to produce energy as cheaply as possible. Oil and gas fabrication is necessary for offshore production and exploration activities, but the infrastructure of the industry is complex. Offshore fabrication can include anything from substructures, inter-platform bridges, and booms. There is also a need for various structures like platforms, floating production systems, and spar platforms. Almost every component required for oil and gas exploration depends on steel, and so metal fabrication plays a crucial role in this industry.

Fabrication in Oil and Gas

Your oil and gas fabrication needs will depend on whether you are dealing with the infrastructure or equipment aspect. Platforms and rigs will likely make up the backbone of your infrastructure, and this infrastructure requires steel floors, supports, beams, girders, and a multitude of other steel components. Choosing a company that specialises in cutting-edge CAD/CAM and CNC machining technology will save you time and money. At NE Engineering, all the machining for your components happens in a virtual environment before manufacture. This allows you to see how your products will perform in the real world. You can tweak your components to ensure optimum performance and negate any conflicts or errors that may arise.

Equipment for Oil and Gas Fabrication

Along with a solid infrastructure, the oil and gas sector requires a lot of precision equipment. Your processes will range from drilling and extracting to refining and storing materials, and each of these processes will need perfectly fabricated metal parts and specialised equipment. Most importantly, you want equipment that will last. NE Engineering can supply a wide range of components to support you.

Finishing and Product Assembly Services

Your various parts, structures, and equipment all have different roles to play, and fabrication in the oil and gas industry demands each of these components are durable. They must be long-lasting and able to withstand erosion. Our team is on hand to offer you advice and recommendations for finishing and assembly. Cost may be a deciding factor on the finishes you can opt for, so we can help you find a solution within your budget. You can choose anything from chrome finishing and bead blasting to powder coating and anodizing to suit your needs.

What NE Engineering Can Do for You

The oil and gas industry is highly demanding, and you work in difficult conditions under high pressure. Therefore, you need reliable partners behind you. Our workforce is highly motivated, well trained, and we are team players.

Whether you need drilling, pump, manifolds, or survey equipment, we can help you succeed in the oil and gas sector. Our team produces cost-effective products that help you get your job done. Get in touch for more information and see how NE Engineering can help you today.

Our policy is to offer Client synergy resulting in a premier ‘one stop’ solution offering competitively priced, high quality on-time components and assemblies.

Our aim is to develop long term relationships with customers with quality and cost reduction the key guidelines.



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