Motorsport & F1

At NE Engineering, we specialise in CNC milling, turning, assembly, and fabrication. Our CNC tools use high-level computer software to control their movement which allows for great precision when machining components. Therefore, our processes are particularly useful for industries with no room for error. These include the oil and gas sector, aerospace companies, and motorsport teams, including F1. Automotive fabrication demands the highest levels of detail and precision. Each part needs to fit and work in unison with all the other components, and motorsport fabrication often requires strict deadlines. At NE Engineering, we exceed your expectations and provide you with everything you need to succeed in the motorsport world.

Motorsport Fabrication Services

When it comes to motorsport fabrication, technology is vital. We use cutting-edge techniques to ensure that you get the best possible parts. Our 4 axis and 5 axis lathes can produce complex components that otherwise would need to be cast, and our CNC Sliding Head Lathes help reduce manufacture time, making them ideal for large volume production. Combining this technology with our enthusiasm for motorsports, we can find unique solutions to any problem. From producing one-off parts to complex components and assemblies, we work closely with you to find an answer.

Components and Parts

Automotive fabrication is a complex process and requires a highly skilled team. All members of the team need to be aware of what the others are doing.

  • Our commitment to quality ensures you can focus on your job, safe in the knowledge that we are focusing on ours.
  • Whether you need precision engine gears, pump components, driveshafts, or torsion bars, we have you covered.
  • Our parts will match the exact specifications that you provide.
  • Our CAD/CAM and CNC machining technology can produce your components in a virtual environment, meaning you can change and tweak your designs as needed to achieve optimum performance. This will help you to stay one step ahead of your competition.

Finishing & Product Assembly Services

The final step in the manufacturing process is finishing.

  • While you can use many components as milled, there are many times you will want a shiny end product.
  • Our wide range of finishing processes and materials will make your parts stand out.
  • We use materials such as Chromic and Gold Anodise, Nickel and Zinc Plate, PTFE Coating and much more.
  • These finishes will provide a durable component that can withstand abrasion and erosion.
  • From anodizing to bead blasting.

Our team can assist you in finding the best finish for your parts.

What NE Engineering Can Do for You

The motorsport industry is highly demanding and requires a lot of teamwork, so you need to be sure you can trust your partners. This is why many companies choose NE Engineering for their motorsport fabrication needs.

Our commitment and passion will ensure you get exactly what you need. Our team is always on hand to offer advice and information about our motorsport fabrication services. Contact us today to see how we can assist you.

Our policy is to offer Client synergy resulting in a premier ‘one stop’ solution offering competitively priced, high quality on-time components and assemblies.

Our aim is to develop long term relationships with customers with quality and cost reduction the key guidelines.



NE Engineering Ltd are accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Registration No. FS 718660. To view our certification, click here